Hourbike fully “UK” owned bikeshare operator. 


Since 2007 Hourbike has also been the exclusive UK agent for Homeport technology, one of the earliest developers of bike share systems in the EU. Under continuous development to utilise the latest technologies, our hardware and software has been developed to provide an impressive customer experience and unparalleled value for money.


We provide comfortable, robust and easy-to-use bikes that have been designed and built for bike share. All aspects of the cycle experience have been considered to ensure the best customer experience, with excellent customer feedback. From easily adjustable saddle heights, to hidden chains that avoid oil on clothes, to a secure bag facility and three gear system, the bikes are attractive and fit for purpose. Upon purchase, the client is able to specify desired bike colour schemes and branding.

Electric bikes (also known as e-bikes) are available as a compliment to conventional hire bikes or in some cases, an alternative. These bikes have been specifically designed for 24-hour outdoor, rental conditions, an environment which is very different to standard retail e-bikes. As such, usability, comfort, reliability and robustness combined with a stylish look have been key design criteria. The e-bikes benefit from all the attributes of our traditional hire bikes with the addition of 240W German made electric motor and built-in GPS modem to provide tracking capability and additional security


Hourbike’s customer contact centre is UK based and has many years experience in supporting a wide range of customers using the bikes for commuting, leisure and utility use. This knowledge base enables us to provide a high quality service through all channels of communication to both our members and the local authorities.


At Hourbike we pride ourselves in our consideration of local business needs. The long term financial sustainability of bike sharing operations requires income from a range of sources, including the exploitation of the on-street assets and customer interactions through sponsorship. As more and more bike share schemes are installed across the UK, the value of these networks becomes increasingly apparent to their stakeholders, in terms of generating income from a variety of sources. 

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